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40-80 acres-Itasca County--Owner will finance, $1000 down!

Print this info and these images out when you go to see it, area is not well marked, this will help you find it. Two adjacent 40s in northern Itasca County two miles south of Togo (which is on MN highway #1), 2 miles north of County Road 22, and 28 miles north of Nashwauk (which is on MN Highway 169, about 20 miles NE of Grand Rapids). There is a quarter mile of frontage on paved Highway 65. It is adjoined by hundreds of acres of public land. GPS numbers below. Find a partner or friend and you can each own a 40, go in together on one, or just buy the whole 80 for your own retreat! Plenty of room to roam! Creek runs through parcel, with a beaver pond (sometimes, when the dam hasn't been removed), waterfowl, deer, bear, moose, and more! Partly wooded (see photo), with some clearings. There are some swampy parts near the creek and beaver pond, but both are accessible.

This is a great chance to own your own 40 or 80 for as little as $1000 down, and $282 a month, with no bank qualifying! We can even take Paypal! Agent$ welcome, too, 4% to S.A.! Serious inquiries only, please! 

Legal Description of the full 80 acres is South Half of SW 1/4 of Sec. 4 Twp 61, Rng 22 (Bearville Twp).  This is wild land; electricity and telephone lines are are a half mile away, but there are clearings to build in. There are seasonal and a few year-round homes within a few miles, but it is far from any cities. It would be possible to build there, but it would not be easy, so this is primarly recreational and investment land. We get a lot of emails due to the great terms we offer, but can only reply to those who have read this info and express serious interest, and who are truly ready to buy. Agent$ welcome, call for details, 4% to S.A.

Take MN highway 65 north of Nashwauk approx. 28 miles. Watch for an old red farmhouse with a barn, just north of mile marker 206, which has the little blue sign designating its address as 62932 Highway 65. This house is NOT part of the property for sale, but it is a good reference point, as it is the adjoining parcel immediately to the south of the ones that's for sale. Park carefully along the highway near the creek, as the ditch slopes down into a ditch that may be full of water in Spring or snow in Winter. A couple hundred feet or so south(estimate) of the red house's driveway, on the right (east) side of the road, look carefully and you will see the marker post that marks the SW corner of the property for sale, in a small grove of saplings and marked with an orange flag. Approximately 845 feet north of this post, you cross Sourdough Creek, which flows through a culvert and into a beaver pond. 475 feet north of that, you will see some flags marking the approximate NW corner of the property. You'll also see a trail (an old logging road) leading east from there, into the property. It doesn't go precisely east, but is a reasonable approximation of the north boundary of the property that is for sale. To the north is State of Minnesota (public) land, which is a nice buffer, and expands your effective "playground" as well.  Once you've gotten this far, you can be using your compass and/or GPS to find your way. Note that the parcel consists of two square 40s, and each 40 measures 1320 by 1320 feet, or a quarter mile by a quarter mile. The full 80–really two 40s laid end to end–goes back from the road a half-mile.

The West 40 ends past the wooded ridge you'll cross and the logging road ends there. The corner of the West (and East) 40 is marked (approximately), but  extends a little into a clearing that was clearcut a few years ago. The East 40 extends into the field a little, use your GPS or look for flags. From there, you're on your own, with your compass and GPS. The Sourdough Creek runs through the south edge of the parcel and through a beaver pond on the parcel for sale. It can be swampy near the edge of the creek and the pond. There is also a narrow band of trees on high ground on the south edge of the West 40 on the south side of the creek, but access to that is easiest across the private land owned by the owner of the red house along Hwy 65, so ask permission if you want to cross this land to see it, and to assess the southern portion of the property for sale. The beaver pond with a lodge in the creek is in the south-central part of the West 40 that you can see from the highway–sort of–and from other parts of the property.

Below is sufficient info to find it, unless we screwed up the GPS data, which is easy to do when compiling and transcribing a bunch of numbers! If you find any errors in our GPS info, please let us know. As a prospective buyer, you are authorized to go have a look, explore the land (no overnight camping without previous permission), and contact us when you're ready to purchase it. Please respect the private land rights of other landowners in the area and ask permission to cross any private land. Serious inquiries only, please. The directions and photos (not to mention the awesome terms!) should help you decide if this property is for you. Please note that all the info here is approximate but accurate to the best of our ability. You'll need to do your own due diligence if you want to know the exact corners and boundaries.

GPS Points (approximate)

SW corner of 80 acre (and of WEST 40) parcel, along Hwy. 65

Easting     487412
Northing  5293414

NW corner of 80 acre (and of WEST 40) parcel, along Hwy. 65

Easting    487395
Northing  5293782

NE corner of 80 acre (and of EAST 40) parcel, inland from Hwy. 65 by one-half mile
Easting    488172
Northing  5293764

Midpoint along southern property line, which is the SE corner of the West 40 and the SW corner of the East 40
Easting       487794
Northing    5293405

SE corner of 80 acre (and of EAST 40) parcel, inland from Hwy. 65 by one-half mile
Easting     488176
Northing  5293390 

Midpoint along northern property line, which is the NE corner of the West 40 and the NW corner of East 40

Easting      487783
Northing   5293775

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Property Features
  • House
  • Land is 40 acres


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