Looking to break into Real Estate and make some money?

You've seen the real estate gurus on TV. Real Estate Investing is not quite as easy as they claim, but there's good money to be made in real estate. Our success depends on finding motivated sellers and buying or leasing their properties. We welcome (and pay for!) tips about people who need to sell quickly. Who do you know that just got transferred or moved and their house is vacant? What's the address of that rundown house in your neighborhood that no one seems to care about? What house, now vacant, has recently been passed down to heirs who live out of town? Who do you know who's in a pinch, behind in payments, and will have to sell very soon to avoid foreclosure?

The house need not be Realtor-listed. We all know there are hundreds of those out there, signs fading in the sun, often for months; usually such owners aren't in a big hurry to sell. We look for people who are truly motivated to sell quickly. Drop us a line or call and tell us a little about the situation. It's a great way to learn about real estate investing--most people start this way--and to gain valuable insights into working as an independent Real Estate Investor. Be sure to include your contact info so we can send you a check if your tip leads to a deal for us, and be ready to provide more leads, we love repeat customers! If/When we make the deal, we pay $250 or more per lead that includes owner, address, phone, and basic info, and $100 for just an address and a few particulars. Agents, we'll protect your commission as you help your seller resolve their need to sell fast. If you have any questions, please ask us!