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Need to sell quickly? We specialize in buying ASAP, whether your property is in tip-top condition or in desperate need of repairs. We've  bought property of all kinds and sizes, and we can buy yours too! Perhaps, like many others, you can't make the payments due to divorce, job transfer/loss, or other challenge.  Maybe  it's inherited, a frustrating rental, or you just need to sell now so you can get on with your life. We are NOT Realtors seeking only to list your property and hope it might sell months from now. We will actually BUY it & close on the date of your choosing, even in the current market. We only ask that you be serious and truly motivated to sell FAST. To begin, please fill out the form below. You can also call {218}--556-2542 if you prefer.

  We can pay cash, lease it immediately, and/or take over payments. We pay for all repairs, maintenance & other expenses so you won't have to worry, wonder, and wait. You don't even have to clean it. We promise confidentiality and clarity throughout the process. Please fill out the form now, or, if you're facing foreclosure by your lender, please use the link to the left entitled "Stop Foreclosure Now!"  Thank you.

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